Philips to launch Cinema 21:9 LCD super-widescreen TV

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philips-cinema-21-9.jpgI always thought the point of buying a widescreen TV was to get rid of those black bars at the top and bottom of films until I bought one and someone explained to me that 16:9 was not the full cinema aspect ratio. Thankfully, Philips is now here to stop any such disappointment with the announcement of their Cinema 21:9 LCD TVs.

The 56″ screens will be available across Europe in the spring with the official launch event to be held on the 29th January when we can bring you some footage of exactly what we’re talking about.

The Cinema 21:9 is designed to remove all letterboxing from your film watching experience and comes with Philips’s Ambilight technology which matches the bezel of the TV to the colours and lighting of the picture at any time.

Looking forward to seeing how this looks on the 29th and if indeed the black bars are banished forever. Good work from the Dutch.

Philips (via Engadget & Gadget Venue)

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