Vodafone to trial 21Mbps HSPA+ high speed mobile network

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vodafone_logo.gifVodafone has announced that it has been testing technology that could succeed HSPA, successfully having completed trials of 16Mbps “HSPA+” and with plans to test a 21Mbps service in the spring.

With a theoretical top speed of 21Mbps, Vodafone claims real-world download speeds of up to 13Mbps, and at least 4Mbps across its entire network. No mention of upload speeds, which are likely to remain paltry.

There’s no word on a timescale for going public with the service, and given that actual performance could be one-fifth of the top speed, I won’t be ditching my home broadband connection just yet.

(Via Babelgum mobile TV on Vodafone | Vodafone £2 PAYG credit loan

Andy Merrett
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