Vodafone's IOU – a £2 PAYG credit loan when you're embarrassingly short of funds

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vodafone-payg-iou.jpgVodafone’s IOU service will channel an extra £2 of credit into your account when you run out, should you be out of mobile communication beans and simply HAVE to send that final sexy text before bed time.

There’s a catch, though – in return for handing you a £2 mobile loan, Vodafone will want it back the next time you top up, along with a 30p service charge. Vodafone has thought it through and will have you by the balls.

You can use this mini IOU for texting, calling and even web browsing data, while the only contractual requirement for you to fulfil is that you’ve been a Vodafone customer for more than 30 days and have topped up with at least a fiver of credit in the past.

(Via The SS)

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Gary Cutlack
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