GM to auction off their stunning Heritage collection


I don’t own a car. I quite like driving, but I don’t own one. They’re crazy expensive to run, I live in London and, as gadgets go, I’m really excited by them – at least, I thought not, until now.

You see, I’ve realised why they don’t interest me or why I thought they didn’t. It’s because on the whole, they’re rubbish. The kinds we see every day, whether ferrying kids to school or stuffed to the gunnels with rudes pumping bad music, are pretty dull, reliable, boxy affairs – very little to get excited about.

However, tell me that struggling US car giant General Motors is having an auction of their Heritage collection – or more to the point, show me the picture – and molten, hot lava courses through my veins.

Jump for more shots.

Two-hundred and fifty cars are up for sale on 13th January 2009 in Scottsdale, Arizona and the list, as thought so far, features cars – both production and concept models – all the way from 1906 to present day, including some beautiful numbers from the 70s.

What I would now like for Christmas is £8bn in GM vouchers and a very large garage.




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