Twitterer liveblogs his own plane crash

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twitter-plane-crash.jpgOn Saturday night in Denver, Colorado, Continental Airlines flight 737 slid off the runway during takeoff. One of the engines caught fire, but passengers escaped out of the opposite side on slides. Although 38 people were hurt, thankfully no-one was killed.

However, one of the passengers was Mike Wilson, aka @2drinksbehind. He live-Twittered the crash(!), and so if you’re phobic of flying on planes, then you might not want to click over the jump.

Here’s the relevant bits of the Twitter-feed. Read from the bottom-up, and click to embiggen.


He’s since managed to make it back, braving another flight back to Houston. He made sure to sit in an exit row this time.

@2drinksbehind (via Silicon Alley Insider)

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  • Shaun: i dont want to sound pedantic, but did you actually read the twitter feeds? If you would, you would have noticed he started firing off the tweets AFTER the crash.

  • Pretty foolish really – The police will head straight for him for using a data connection on a plane and causing a crash

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