The first single digit mobile tariff in Britain – £9/month from 3

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Sony-Ericsson-K660i.jpgThey’re practically giving ’em away! Mobile phones are going slightly nuts in the UK. First we experience a clutch of cheap and cheerful handsets lobbed out into the wild for less than a fiver, now 3 announces Britain’s first single digit tariff – £9 per month.

It’s actually better value than the previous PAYG offers where you had to buy £30 of credit or so up front to get the free phone. The mobile itself is also head and shoulders better than all those other old piles of tutt. Here’s the deal:

You pay £9/month. You get 100 minutes or texts or any combination of the two, 300 3 to 3 minutes, free Windows Live Messenger and Skype, free voicemail and a free 3G Sony Ericsson K660i available in either black and maroon or shell suit lime and white.

This next in the series of retail credit crunch busters is available from tomorrow which is just in time to buy for someone for Christmas who you’d quite like to rope into a contract


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  • Their coverage is so appalling that even that is far too much – and they must have the worst customer service of any major mobile operator.

    • Traditionally, I thinkk you’re spot on but I feel a bit sorry for them. They’re trying hard against a pretty closed shop.

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