CAREFUL, OLD MAN: Doctors suggest "Wii Knee" will be crippling us all in the new year

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wii-injuries-lies-news.jpgYou know when you think of a great idea, then realise someone’s already thought of it and done it before? And better? Back in 2006?

That’s what’s happened here. Doctors at the British Society for Surgery of the Hand and Leeds Teaching Hospital have teamed up to say they expect Wii-related injuries to rise, as the UK continues to go Nintendo Wii MAD.

Calling the invented symptom “Wii Knee,” the boffins expect to see an increase in patients suffering from joint problems in the new year, all caused by enthusiastic Wii Bowling sessions. It’s almost as if Nintendo’s Wii is the first invention to have ever required a man to stand up and move about…

This entirely fictional condition joins other such completely fake gaming injuries as “PlayStation Thumb” and “Nintendoitis“, both symptoms caused, shockingly, by people doing one repetitive thing for ages and ages without taking a break and not actually having anything to do with gaming whatsoever.

And let’s not even mention the entire series of lies and coincidentally filmed accidents featuring people supposedly breaking their TVs by letting go of the Wii Remote while playing Wii Tennis.

It’s all lies. All of it. EVERYTHING. Even your happy childhood memories. That puppy was a robot, a first-generation AIBO. And the man you called dad? He was from the government.

(Via The Telegraph)

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