Man invented the Nintendo Wii eight years ago, in his underpants, using a Dreamcast


This footage is, allegedly, of an ex-Midway developer. Using his Dreamcast, his glorious, beautiful Dreamcast, he pretty much designed and built a control system identical to that which now powers the Nintendo Wii’s little motion sensitive remote. Only this was built back in the year 2000, when Nintendo was a joke in the console race thanks to no one really being that bothered about the N64 and its Gamecube still a distant dream that wouldn’t flop onto European shelves until 2002.

Here is some actual, visual proof – as if any more was needed! – that Dreamcast was way ahead of its time and a misunderstood victim that deserved so much better:

The man, ex-Midway employee Patrick Goschy, is now attempting to sue Nintendo for copying his idea. Nintendo is laughing it off. As you would if a bearded man in his underpants attempted to sue you.

(Via Dreamcast Junkyard)

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Gary Cutlack
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  • o excited that I have found your post because I have been searching for some information on this for almost three hours! You’ve helped me a lot indeed and by reading this article I have found many new and useful information about this subject!

  • Real or hoax, I’d still rather play his accelerotmeter assisted version of boxing than the Wii sports boxing.

  • He’s not wearing boxer shorts you dimwits, those were popular shorts in the 90’s. Hell, I invented the first steering wheel for my commodore 64 in ’85. It was a tricycle tire with rubber bands on the spokes, connected to an atari joystick. When you turned the wheel, the rubber bands pulled the joystick left and right. Didn’t own a camcorder, though.

  • Although you may be correct, there is no actual evidence to support your suspicions. You have less then circumstantial evidence and if he can successfully prove “prior art” under copyright law then he could pose a threat.

  • Wow, paranoid much? If you knew about game development you would know that this Midway guy was prototyping his motion-control system instead of actually crunching on NFL Blitz, and that the crunch time dress code states that underwear is *optional*

    This guy was doing all of us a favor by pulling on the plaid boxers!

  • I wonder if EBS was old enough to own a dreamcast or is just a rampant Wii fanboy kid 🙂

  • This is horseshit. He’s trying too hard to make his demo appear “homegrown.” The giveaways? First, nobody demos an impressive piece of hardware that they’re trying to make a bold impression with in their underpants. Nobody.

    Second, the tape seems to begin and end with static and the VCR blue screen. Even in 2000, with early versions of adobe premiere and final cut available, it was possible to make this tape look much more professional with smooth fades and proper title screens. There was no need for an ex-developer (who should be tech savvy enough to cobble together a decent video) to present the footage in such rough shape.

    Finally, he takes great effort to explain the delay. But there’s a big chance that this delay is, in fact, caused by his inability to synch his hand motions to a button press made offscreen by a buddy. They likely rehearsed it many times, but even in the final take, couldn’t quite get it spot on. So he makes the excuse that it’s the processing speed of the interface chip.

    Nintendo and Sony have nothing to fear from this guy. He hasn’t presented any evidence that can’t be quickly debunked by an army of high-priced corporate lawyers. Hell, I just did it and I’m no legal shark. Nice try, though. He’s got balls, I’ll give him that.

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