Dreamcast was RIGHT ALL ALONG – Sega launches Wii Maracas for Samba de Amigo remake


That image RIGHT THERE is proof. All the proof we need. Final, irrefutable proof that Dreamcast was best. It was just released before the world was ready.

SEGA of America has revealed this sexy pair of Wii Maracas to accompany the forthcoming Wii remake of Samba de Amigo, maracas that copy the design and style of the original – and eBay GOLD – motion-sensing maracas set released alongside the Dreamcast game…

Man invented the Nintendo Wii eight years ago, in his underpants, using a Dreamcast

This footage is, allegedly, of an ex-Midway developer. Using his Dreamcast, his glorious, beautiful Dreamcast, he pretty much designed and built a control system identical to that which now powers the Nintendo Wii’s little motion sensitive remote. Only this was built back in the year 2000, when Nintendo was a distant third place in the console race thanks to no one really being that bothered about the N64 and its Gamecube still a distant dream that wouldn’t flop onto European shelves until 2002.

Here is some actual, visual proof – as if more was needed! – that Dreamcast was way ahead of its time and a misunderstood victim that deserved so much better:

Get your RAWK on with the Dreamcast guitar made over at Destructoid

Ohmygoodness, this day just gets better and better for fanboys alike. Flooky over on Destructoid has hand-crafted herself her dream guitar. A Dreamcast guitar, at that. It may only have three strings as the others broke, but you still need to give her credit where credit’s due. Now, let’s see her attempt Ferrari F355’s theme tune, then…

Wonder if some clever bod can do a mash-up of this Dreamcast guitar and the Guitar Heronoid? Go forth, modders!…