Segatoys Dream Cat Smile – spookily real feline


Cute and furry they might be, but there are a few downsides to taking on a cat – the smell, the food bill and the destruction of half of your home. If that’s enough to put you off, you are the likely target market of the Segatoys Dream Cat Smile.

The lifelike Yume Neko Smile (which translates to Dream Cat Smile) is the latest robo-cat on the market. Standing 13-inches tall and weighing around 4.5lbs (with its three ‘C’ batteries), it hides five different sensors in different parts of its body, each of which react to touch. Your robotic friend will blink, move its mouth, neck and backside as well as lying down when the moods takes it.

And you get the purring, meowing and if you squeeze its tail, a rather nasty hiss. The cat even snores when it falls asleep. And best of all, when you go on holiday, there’s no need to shell out any cattery fees.

The white cat is available now for $129 (which is around £65).

Find out more at the Audiocubes website

Dave Walker
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