Apple's App Store triggers ANGER and RETRIBUTION – iPint and iBeer developers come to legal blows


The Carling iPint app is apparently little more than a shameless rip-off of Hottrix’s iBeer, according to the man who created iBeer – and is now suing the iPint makers for £7m.

Steve Sheraton, who came up with the original accelerometer-powered beer-drinking illusion app that we have been assured is VERY HILARIOUS after drinking three real beers, claims that representatives of brewing group Coors asked him if they could license his creation for use as an advertising tool. Steve declined, but the major corporation went ahead and created its iPint clone anyway…

Man invented the Nintendo Wii eight years ago, in his underpants, using a Dreamcast

This footage is, allegedly, of an ex-Midway developer. Using his Dreamcast, his glorious, beautiful Dreamcast, he pretty much designed and built a control system identical to that which now powers the Nintendo Wii’s little motion sensitive remote. Only this was built back in the year 2000, when Nintendo was a distant third place in the console race thanks to no one really being that bothered about the N64 and its Gamecube still a distant dream that wouldn’t flop onto European shelves until 2002.

Here is some actual, visual proof – as if more was needed! – that Dreamcast was way ahead of its time and a misunderstood victim that deserved so much better:

Prince swears purple murder against The Pirate Bay, sues illegal site in three different countries

prince-pirate-bay.jpgHaving worked his purple magic on YouTube and asked for over 2,000 unauthorised videos to be removed, Prince is now working down his hit list, by targeting The Pirate Bay next.

We heard a few months ago the short purple-clad one had a bee in his Raspberry Beret bonnet about all his music videos being illegally shared on sites such as these, and even Prince-themed products on eBay. Needless to say, he doesn’t just dish out idle threats, that Prince character.

Prince is showing he can walk the walk as well as talk the talk, and has prepared a lawsuit against The Pirate Bay, the renowned…