RIM sues LG over their phone names being too close to the BlackBerry name

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blackberry-RIM-mob.jpgDon’t count on Research In Motion launching any new BlackBerry smartphones over the next few months – they’re far too busy suing LG Electronics for trivial matters concerning copyright brand names.

It appears RIM has nothing better to do than accuse LG of taking inspiration from their ‘BlackBerry’ brand name, by labelling models ‘Black Label’, ‘Strawberry’ and ‘Black Cherry’, which, they claim, infringe on the BlackBerry name.

This isn’t the first time RIM has been this petty, as they’ve recently settled out of court with Samsung over their ‘BlackJack’ phone name. Surely RIM can take a leaf out of HTC’s book and just get over it, as they have obviously done with Apple naming their new iPod the same name as their flagship smartphone, the Touch.

(via Wired)

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