Raging Prince out to get YouTube, eBay and The Pirate Bay!

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prince-suing-the-internet.jpgOh dear, let’s hope good old Prince doesn’t “pull a Metallica” and make the whole world hate him.

The musical legend, who makes most of his money selling music direct to fans online rather than through the traditional record label/shop route these days, remember, is teaming up with web legal specialist Web Sheriff to “reclaim the internet”.

Together they’re targeting eBay (for selling his freebies), YouTube and renowned piracy hotspot The Pirate Bay, with Web Sheriff managing director John Giacobbi telling The Guardian that “99% of the stuff online is totally unauthorised.”

“Someone has to start somewhere and we know this will make a serious impact – a hell of a lot of artists are going to follow suit,” pointed out Giacobbi, adding “we have to build a 21st century model for the entertainment industry.”

Prince has already started his mass cleansing of the internet – YouTube has been asked to remove some 2000 Prince clips from its database. Stop hanging about and download that Greatest Hits before it’s too late.

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One thought on “Raging Prince out to get YouTube, eBay and The Pirate Bay!

  • I think YouTube is worse than Pirate Bay. YouTube has a copy of the music video and distributes it for free. On YouTube music search engines like http://www.tubejuke.com you can get a feel for the massive amount of music videos that is on there…

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