Sony phases out DVD recorders in favour of Blu-ray recorders



Here’s a startling quote for you, from Sony’s executive deputy president Katsumi Ihara: “Sony will release only BD [Blu-ray Disc] recorders for the Japanese market from now.” That’s right: Sony won’t be releasing any more DVD recorders in Japan, in favour of putting Blu-ray in all its recorders.

The news came as Sony announced four new BD recorders that are due to go on sale in November, which are capable of recording up to 16 hours of video on a single disc. They’re the BDZ-T70, BDZ-T50, BDZ-L70 and BDZ-X90.

But it’s the sweeping ‘no more DVD recorders’ statement that’s the big news. It could further boost Blu-ray’s acceptance, but I’m wondering what it means at the cheaper end of the market. Other questions: how long till Sony adopts the same policy here in Europe, and will other manufacturers follow suit? Watch this space.

(via Tech-On)

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