Weep at the prospect of the USB Fiber Optic Christmas Tree



On the slim assumption that you don’t already have every single USB socket on your PC plugged by a novelty gadget, Brando is launching a white fiber optic desktop Christmas tree, powered by USB.

Standing 24.5cm high, it’s got a shining star on top and casts a shimmering colourful glow when plugged in, and is due to go on sale from the usual gadget sites in October. And frankly, the very idea is tacky enough to justify an angry visit to owners from the ghosts of Christmas past, present AND future, demanding to know what the bloody hell you think you’re playing at.

On the upside, your dog can’t bump into it and send spines flying everywhere. Although I wouldn’t trust the USB Humping Dog near it, just to be safe.

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Stuart Dredge
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