Get bragging rights with a USB mini lamp that glows as you type faster

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glowlamptype.jpg Bit of a self-indulgent post, this, mostly because I’m hoping someone in Japan can pick one of these USB-powered mini lamps up for me and DHL it over quick-smart. Any stalkers out there? Time to come out of your mothers’ basements and send me presents. Or else, Mum, I guess you’re reading this…feel like spoiling your favourite daughter?

As anyone within a five mile radius of my desktop computer can attest to, my biggest claim to fame in Shiny Towers is that I hold the award for being the world’s loudest typer. I can’t help it, it’s because I’m a swift typer with skillzorz bettering the average courtroom typer. I may as well do something good with my as yet untapped resource, I’ve thought about generating electricity or water through some form of high-tech wheel and cog movement, but this desk lamp sounds much easier.

When idly typing, it glows warm yellow, and once you get into a nice rhythm, tapping away at 60mph, it turns bright blue. Hopefully then my fellow colleagues will stop glaring at me angrily when I’m furiously typing away – I’ll be providing light! My new catch-phrase could be ‘let there be light!’*

*No, I don’t have a God complex at all, I’m only joshing…

USB-powered mini lamp (via Tokyo Mango)

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