Fujitsu lining up gargantuan 1.2TB hard drives for notebooks

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fujitsu-hard-drives.jpgFujitsu’s found a way to start charging more money for hard drives – inventing a new technology to increase their capacity.

We’ll copy the method it used directly from the Fujitsu announcement as, frankly, it’s all a bit bewildering. Apparently, “one-dimensionally aligned alumina nanohole patterns with 25nm pitch were produced to support one Terabit/in2 bit recording density.” Simple to understand when they break it down like that.

It continues… “using Perpendicular Magnetic Recording (PMR) processes, the patterned alumina nanohole media was fabricated using nano-imprint lithography, anodic oxidation, and cobalt electrodeposition at a density of 100nm pitch nanoholes that was suitable to currently available head technology.”

Which means, to us, as laymen, when we buy a new Dell laptop in 2010 we might get a 1.2TB drive. That’s enough storage space for more than 20 albums of music. Quite a bit more.

Via (I4U)

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