Halo 3 has already sold a million copies


halo-3-million.jpgA cheerful Microsoft reckons that on American pre-orders alone, the latest in the Halo mega-franchise has already sold more than one million copies.

To put that into context, that’s two lots of 500,000.

As well as this advance blockbuster warning, Microsoft also had its world-spamming Halo 3 publicity plans revealed on the Wall Street Journal, in an article which also points out the awesome fact that video games hauled in a staggering $31.6 billion last year – and that sales were up 14%.

With Halo 3 selling to a well-installed, obsessed Xbox 360 user base, it’s clearly going to be this Christmas’ biggest seller by far and a great boost for gaming.

It may even help Microsoft’s Xbox division make a bit of money for once.

Via (Xboxer.tv)

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