The Dubai Ziggurat – environmentally sound housing for one million people


If the Egyptians required social housing, this would’ve been it. This staggering pyramid design is the latest in Dubai’s attempts to make it the playground – and architect lunatic asylum – of the world, a building capable of housing one million people.

The concept behind this “city of the future” is for the entire project to be off-grid and power itself, presumably by the methane emissions of one million people…

Apple sells one million iPhone 3Gs in three days, 10m App Store downloads


Apple claims to have sold one million iPhone 3Gs over launch weekend, despite problems which plagued its debut in several countries. That’s 25 times faster than the original iPhone, which took 74 days to reach the million mark, albeit in just a few countries rather than the 22 privileged nation to the second incarnation.

Steve Jobs said, “iPhone 3G had a stunning opening weekend.” Well, he was hardly going to say it was crap, was he?…

Halo 3 has already sold a million copies

halo-3-million.jpgA cheerful Microsoft reckons that on American pre-orders alone, the latest in the Halo mega-franchise has already sold more than one million copies.

As well as this advance blockbuster warning, Microsoft also had its world-spamming Halo 3 publicity plans revealed on the Wall Street Journal, which also points out the awesome fact that video games hauled in $31.6 billion last year…