The Dubai Ziggurat – environmentally sound housing for one million people

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dubai-ziggurat-pyramid-mega-house.jpgIf the Egyptians required social housing, this would’ve been it. This staggering pyramid design is the latest in Dubai’s attempts to make it the playground – and architect lunatic asylum – of the world, a building capable of housing one million people.

The concept behind this “city of the future” is for the entire project to be off-grid and power itself, presumably by the methane emissions of one million people. Proposer and developer Timelinks is currently patenting some of the technology involved, should its ludicrously huge self-contained pyramid house ever rouse enough interest from the money men to become financially viable.

Timelinks has applied for an EU grant to investigate how possible the technology behind its future world would be to create. We could tell them how possible it is for £10 right now.


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