eBay Nutcase of the Week: Woman buys house she hasn't seen for $1.75


No, that is not an error. We didn’t mean $1.75m. We really do mean $1.75, as in about 90p at today’s rapidly-plummeting exchange rate. Less eBay fees and PayPal commission, of course, but they won’t be that crippling considering the buyer’s getting an entire house.

The woman in question is mature student Joanne Smith. She was browsing eBay for “PlayStations,” when she noticed an alert for a house on sale with no starting price. So she placed a bid of $20 – eventually winning the auction for $1.75…

The Dubai Ziggurat – environmentally sound housing for one million people


If the Egyptians required social housing, this would’ve been it. This staggering pyramid design is the latest in Dubai’s attempts to make it the playground – and architect lunatic asylum – of the world, a building capable of housing one million people.

The concept behind this “city of the future” is for the entire project to be off-grid and power itself, presumably by the methane emissions of one million people…

Internet-famous man who traded one red paperclip for a house is now selling…the house


Remember the One Red Paperclip chap? Yes, I know, I had to strain my memory-gland too, it’s rather difficult keeping track of all the internet-famous ce-web-rities isn’t it? American Kyle MacDonald started with a red paperclip which he traded for bigger and better objects, eventually ending with a house in Kipling, Saskatchewan.

Gaining fame and possessions along the way, he has now put the 3bed/2bath house on the market, although is offering to trade it…