BBC iPlayer to go back beyond a week


bbc_iplayer_h264-800kbps.jpgBBC iPlayer is preparing to scare the bejesus out of ISPs and other broadcasters alike, as well as stir moral outrage across the UK, by extending the length of time that TV shows are available to watch online.

The seven-day limit is set to be blown out of the water on 13th September by a process that they call “series stacking” but what everyone else would call archiving, having a library or just giving away more stuff for free and for longer.

Naturally, this isn’t a case of saying that all programmes will be available forever but neither is there a specific time limit either. So long as a series is still being broadcast, then users will be able to go back, however many weeks, to get to the beginning and watch all the character development as it happened. I take it that doesn’t include going back to the days of Ali’s Cabs and the Dagmar in Eastenders but I’d be interested to see where Auntie draws the line.

However they run it, you can bet it stirs up more chat about the license fee but frankly I don’t give a toss. I’d happily double it if it meant getting the ads off the other channels too.

iPlayer (via T3)

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  • I think you need a bit more of a story with this as this isn’t really a news story in its current form. Perhaps you could write about why you like Michael so much
    It is hard to say such a thing is clear.

  • Great news.

    I wish the BBC had started the back-dated service three weeks ago as I’ve just downloaded an episode of ‘New Tricks’ which is only eight day’s old. Owing to the episode being no longer available on the BBC iPlayer I have resorted/succumbed to paying a fee of £1.89 from iTunes.

    I suppose the adage “better late than never” springs to mind.

    • Yeah, at least you’re safe in the knowledge that Apple won’t be getting any more of your cash. Of course, you could always splash out on an iPod Touch to watch it on ;).

    • And if you can get internet access while you’re out there, then even longer. What a lovely thought.

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