eBay Nutcase of the Week: Buy Snoop Dogg's old shed


Do you watch Snoop Dogg’s reality TV show – “Snoop Dogg’s Father Hood”? No, nor me, but apparently this shed features heavily in it. Whenever Snoop tires of the limelight, and needs some alone time (with a camera crew present, obviously) he heads out to his shed. However, he recently upgraded the “Dogg House” to a new model, so he’s flogging the old one on eBay. Over to Snoop:

“I’ve had this shed since the turn of the century. I’ve watched football tapes, seen the Lakers win championships, and, most of all, written hits in it”.

Editor Dan also suggested he might have “nutted” some bitches in there, too. What does that even mean? Ah well, either way, all proceeds from the sale will go to Snoop’s Youth Football League, though I’m assuming that’ll be American Football, not real football.

Auction page (via CMU)

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The Dubai Ziggurat – environmentally sound housing for one million people


If the Egyptians required social housing, this would’ve been it. This staggering pyramid design is the latest in Dubai’s attempts to make it the playground – and architect lunatic asylum – of the world, a building capable of housing one million people.

The concept behind this “city of the future” is for the entire project to be off-grid and power itself, presumably by the methane emissions of one million people…