eBay Nutcase of the Week: Turkey-slaughterer selling "famous" turkey killed during Sarah Palin interview

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sarah-palin-turkey-auction.jpgLots of things get killed whenever Sarah Palin opens her mouth – the English language, common sense, hope and dreams – but the most famous was this poor turkey, butchered in the background of a news report as Sarah ‘Gee, Mom!’ Palin rambled incoherently about America for ages and ages.

The famous deceased turkey is now available on eBay , with the seller promising “the official turkey from the video which comes with a letter of authenticity signed by the Farm’s owner” which will ensure the auction winner has “something to talk about for years and years to come.”

Or, if you’ll only settle for eBay merchandise from the winning team, you could always get Barack Obama’s shit-ugly Chrysler 300C online, a car he wisely ditched for something less hideous and more economical in 2007 before it all kicked off.

(Via WWWW)

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