eBay Nutcase of the Week: DJ/The Shamen man Mr C flogging his entire record collection for £75k

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mr-c-shamen-record-collection-ebay.jpgDJ Mr C, AKA the bleach-haired proto-Eminem out of early-90s dancey/ravey band The Shamen, is flogging his entire remaining record collection – with a starting price of £75,000.

Here’s what your £75k gets you, along with an interesting look into the personal life of Mr C himself.

“When Mr.C moved house 10 years ago he separated his then 16.000 unit record collection into 2 halves, 1 which he considered to be too valuable to sell & the other half, records that although good held no sentimental value. He sold 8,000 units at this time & kept the 8,000 units that he considered gems & could not possibly get rid of. It is now this collection along with all of the amazing records he’s acquired since 1998 that are for sale as this extremely interesting job lot.”

The actual and original Mr C pops up to verify and further explain the auction in the comments section of this post at Resident Advisor, saying that is was “Typical of the inter-nerds having a go” and that “I bet none of you who talk shit have ever heard me play (or even go out very much, lol).”

How refreshing to know that even famous rich people spend their spare time getting angry with comment-leavers on the internet.

(Via RA.net)

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