Harrier Jump Jet for sale now, no tyre kickers



That was the sound of a Harrier GR7 taking off, if you weren’t aware. You could be hearing that sound with your very own ears, if you fancy bidding for one of the iconic planes. Well, actually, it doesn’t come with an engine, so you’ll still need to be making the ‘neeeaoww’ noise yourself.

The plane’s being auctioned off after being retired from RAF Cosford, where it was used as a training plane for mechanics. It’s a two-seater, has leather seats and electric windows, and a top speed of 730mph.

If you want it, you’ll need to get in touch with the Disposal Services Authority, who normally seem to just offer old camo jackets to the public. If you’re more of a chopper chap, then there’s a Lynx Mk 7 here, and if you like wheels, then there’s a Saxon APC, too.

iPhone prototypes now available on eBay


Want to get your hands on a piece of tech history? Of course you do. Someone’s managed to get hold of a couple of iPhone prototypes and has chucked it on eBay, because that’s what people who get rare bits of tech do.

Phone #1 powers on, and displays an odd interface. There’s a plastic matte screen. It can make calls, and surf the net. It won’t send texts, though.The second model won’t turn on at all, but has a glass screen.

The bidding, at the time of writing, has reached $940, but the seller will ship worldwide, so don’t be put off by those dollar signs. There’s a day to go, so the bidding will almost certainly escalate quite a bit as the auction nears its end. How much do you really want a couple of barely-working iPhones?

(via iLounge)