New eBay sellers iPhone app launched

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eBay, the mega-popular online auctioning site, have released a new seller-orientated version of their iPhone app that should make earning some much needed moolah from your unwanted gear that much easier whilst on the go.

The free app allows you to:

– Use barcode-scanning technology to take a picture of an item’s barcode, which then fills out the listing form with all the category details, including track listings for CDs, all in less than one minute
– Sell as auction or Buy It Now format
– Easily and clearly view the status of your listed items
– Research sales trends and price ranges of similar listed items
– Instantly share listings with your friends and network on Facebook and Twitter
– Quickly link to other eBay and PayPal iPhone apps

Speaking about the app, eBay spokesperson Ruth Szyszkowski said that “the average UK home has £450 worth of items to sell.” Which, in these budget busting times, is actually quite reassuring, though I honestly dont think I own £450 worth of stuff, let alone £450 worth of stuff that I just have lying around collecting dust.

From the looks of things it’s only available on the US app store for the time being, but the UK version goes live this evening, so check back then.

Gerald Lynch
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  • The app is okay and you CAN list items for sale using it.

    Couple of drawbacks are;
    1. Cannot save a draft listing so you either list your partially completed item or lose it all.
    2. Cannot EDIT your listings. You have to use the full featured web app from your PC for this still.
    3. Very basic listing details available so cannot categorise your listing very well.

    That is all. Bring on the full featured release..!

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