iPhone prototypes now available on eBay

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iphone-ebay.JPGWant to get your hands on a piece of tech history? Of course you do. Someone’s managed to get hold of a couple of iPhone prototypes and has chucked it on eBay, because that’s what people who get rare bits of tech do.

Phone #1 powers on, and displays an odd interface. There’s a plastic matte screen. It can make calls, and surf the net. It won’t send texts, though.The second model won’t turn on at all, but has a glass screen.

The bidding, at the time of writing, has reached $940, but the seller will ship worldwide, so don’t be put off by those dollar signs. There’s a day to go, so the bidding will almost certainly escalate quite a bit as the auction nears its end. How much do you really want a couple of barely-working iPhones?

(via iLounge)

Duncan Geere
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