eBay Nutcase of the Week: Turkey-slaughterer selling "famous" turkey killed during Sarah Palin interview


Lots of things get killed whenever Sarah Palin opens her mouth – the English language, common sense, hope and dreams – but the most famous was this poor turkey, butchered in the background of a news report as Sarah ‘Gee, Mom!’ Palin rambled incoherently about America for ages and ages.

The famous deceased turkey is now available on eBay , with the seller promising “the official turkey from the video which comes with a letter of authenticity…

Cows herded by remote control… the most fun you can have on a farm?

After his recent campaign to clear up the clearly criminal practice of battery chicken farming, I'm pretty sure mad-as-a-march-hare celebrity chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall will be gearing up for a brand new TV series over the latest news that farmers might soon be corralling cattle using radio-controlled bovine headsets.

Researchers from the Department for Agriculture in the good ol' US of A have put their thinking caps on and designed a high-tech cow-hat that sits over the cow's ears and allows the controller to corral the individual remotely, using sounds funneled directly to the ears.