Microsoft signs deal for Halo 3 action figures



The long wait is on for Halo fans following the closure of Microsoft’s recent online beta. Halo 3 doesn’t come out until 25th September on Xbox 360. However, here’s some corking news to ease the frustration: McFarlane Toys (of Spawn fame) has bagged the official licence to bring out official Halo action figures.

Okay, so they won’t actually be available to buy until Spring next year, but when they do appear, you’ll be able to get miniatures of Master Chief, Brute Chieftain, Jackal Sniper, Cortana, and a Grunt two-pack. Oh, and there’ll also be three vehicles to buy: Warthog, Chopper and Ghost.

You can shove your “all-new” Transformers up your Decepticon: Halo toys are where it’s at nowadays. Now, can someone sign a similar deal for Animal Crossing here in the West?

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