More dust-collectors in the form of Lost figurines

Now, I don’t need much of an excuse to show you these two figurines from the telly show Lost, do I? I’m sure no-one would object to seeing Sun and Sawyer looking decidely delectable in all their plastic loveliness. With the wind whispering through Sawyer’s hair as he gazes off out into the imaginary ocean, and Sun’s taut muscles glistening with sea-salt…oh god, I’ve fallen into a rather embarassing moment of fan-fiction. Lost fan-fiction. Lost figurine fan-fiction. I wish I could quit you, Lost…

Microsoft signs deal for Halo 3 action figures


The long wait is on for Halo fans following the closure of Microsoft’s recent online beta. Halo 3 doesn’t come out until 25th September on Xbox 360. However, here’s some corking news to ease the frustration: McFarlane Toys (of Spawn fame) has bagged the official licence to bring out official Halo action figures.