More dust-collectors in the form of Lost figurines


Now, I don’t need much of an excuse to show you these two figurines from the telly show Lost, do I? I’m sure no-one would object to seeing Sun and Sawyer looking decidely delectable in all their plastic loveliness. With the wind whispering through Sawyer’s hair as he gazes off out into the imaginary ocean, and Sun’s taut muscles glistening with sea-salt…

Oh god, I’ve fallen into a rather embarassing moment of fan-fiction. Lost fan-fiction. Lost figurine fan-fiction. I wish I could quit you, Lost…

There’s a whole range of incredibly realistic figurines available from the show, including the two above you can’t stop salivating over, plus Mr. Eko (intense), Jin (bondage-tastic), Jack (wartorn businessman), Kate (safari), Locke (Crocodile Dundee), Hurley (probably more expensive due to area mass), Charlie (Hobbit/Chris Martin hybrid) and Shannon (porny).

Pick them up for around $14.99 from the shops listed on the Spawn website below, and try and explain them away to your house-guests. “No, really, Shannon was an undervalued character, her death was the death of the show…no, no, no, I didn’t buy the figurine simply because she’s half-naked, HONEST!”

Lost series 1 figurines
Lost series 2 figurines
(via Pop Candy)

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