Over 60,000 portable gadgets left in London taxis over the last six months


Oh, so that’s what happened to your previous phone. And your previous MP3 player. And your previous laptop. And your previous house keys, wallet, trainers, watch and coat.

A survey by security firm Credant Technologies asked London cabbies what devices they’ve found in the backs of their cabs recently, coming up with the amazing figure that more than 60,000 gadgets have been forgotten in taxis by people we would assume to have been massively intoxicated, over the last six months…

Everyone's favourite geek toy just got scarier: Lost characters as Kubricks


Now these are flippin’ scary, and rather expensive too, at ¥14,979 (£74) for the above boxset, which contains seven characters from Lost.

I can see Jack, Sawyer looks dead-realistic, as do Sayid, a trim-looking Hurley, very bald Locke, and ‘ya’ll everybody’-singing Charlie. But please don’t tell me that’s Kate, squeezed in between her two men, Jack and Sawyer? I knew she had butch arms, but jeepers…

UK government contractor loses loads of personal data – again

uk-driving-license.jpgMore private details lost – this time the data of most of the UK’s learner drivers. But it’s OK – only three million people have had their personal details misplaced this time.

Bizarrely, the UK driving test data was being stored on a hard drive in the offices of a contractor based in Iowa, in the United States – and contained the names and addresses of three million…

More dust-collectors in the form of Lost figurines

Now, I don’t need much of an excuse to show you these two figurines from the telly show Lost, do I? I’m sure no-one would object to seeing Sun and Sawyer looking decidely delectable in all their plastic loveliness. With the wind whispering through Sawyer’s hair as he gazes off out into the imaginary ocean, and Sun’s taut muscles glistening with sea-salt…oh god, I’ve fallen into a rather embarassing moment of fan-fiction. Lost fan-fiction. Lost figurine fan-fiction. I wish I could quit you, Lost…