UK government contractor loses loads of personal data – again


uk-driving-license.jpgMore private details lost – this time the data of most of the UK’s learner drivers. But it’s OK – only three million people have had their personal details misplaced this time.

Bizarrely, the UK driving test data was being stored on a hard drive in the offices of a contractor based in Iowa, in the United States – and contained the names and addresses of three million people who’ve taken UK driving license theory tests.

But it’s hardly a big drama this time – what is an identity thief going to do with someone’s provisional driving license? Oh wait, yes, they could probably use it to get a passport, open a bank account, take out a £25k loan and bugger off to live in Canada.

The Conservatives obviously said this was a bad thing, using such phrases as “systemic failure” and “basic lack of competence” to describe the situation. Although, to be fair, the disc is probably just delayed a bit in the Christmas post. I’ve been waiting for a game I bought off eBay for over a week.

(Via I4U)

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