Anthrax recruits singer through MySpace, elsewhere Bon Jovi switches from hairspray to hair wax

Web 2.0

The metal hair-raisers Anthrax must be getting lax in their old age, for instead of hiring a new singer through the usual ways of scoping dive bars for the most tattooed, grizzliest hairspray consumers, they’ve…recruited through MySpace?

That’s about as interesting as if the metal band went through Adecco.

A musician in the New York area, Dan Nelson, contacted the Anthrax guitarist Rob Caggiano on the site, and according to the new singer, “we sent music back and forth, got together, and jammed for 10 hours straight…after 10 hours, [Caggiano] said ‘I think you’d be right for Anthrax’.”

The band is reportedly working on a new album, and is evidence that there’re still some people using that dreadfully clunky social-networking site. Even if they are thick-necked metal buffoons.

(via Reuters)

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