MySpace to test ad-funded free music downloads


pennywise-myspace-free-downloads.jpgHey, everyone! Guess what? MySpace is still going!

Its latest scheme to stop becoming a desolate wasteland as everyone switches to Facebook is this – free music. Free proper downloads, not just the low quality streaming business it’s made its own over the last few years.

The idea uses the Holy Grail of recent music schemes – the ad-funded model.

Online music site Textango will start running the pilot scheme next March, alongside the release of the new album from rock band Pennywise. All you have to do is add Textandgo as a Friend on MySpace, then visit their profile to download Pennywise’s new album for free.

Presumably you then sit there getting spammed by endless pop-up adverts for American products as you wait for the tunes to download. Which sounds fine, although still not quite as consumer-friendly as the leave-Bittorrent-running-all-night distribution model we currently subscribe to.

(Via Ad Week)

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