Online-only MySpace TV show 'Quarterlife' transfers to proper telly


quarterlife-myspace-tv.jpgOnline show Quarterlife has been signed up by US network NBC, in a deal to show the thing on TVs worldwide and to flog those lucrative DVD box sets.

Only it’s not quite the fantastical dreams-coming-true story it initially seems. The “online show” was created by a couple of guys called Marshall Herskovitz and Edward Zwick, who just so happen to be the guys behind ‘thirtysomething’ and ‘My So-Called Life’, so they’re not exactly amateurs when it comes to angsty drama.

They funded it themselves, because they’re obviously millionaires who can afford to hire proper actors, pretty unknown waitresses and men with beards who know about working cameras and lighting rigs. They no doubt even have a microphone so the sound isn’t muffled – the true sign of an online TV professional.

Still, we’ll keep plugging away with the video reviews and hopefully someone will notice and give us a few million to relaunch ‘Tomorrow’s World’.

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