Zazzle opening up massive MySpace money making potential


myspace_t-shirt.jpgHey, everyone! Guess what? MySpace is still going!

Even though millions of once-loved accounts now lie desolate and unused since the great Facebook switchover started, merchandising company Zazzle has decided to team up with 2005’s most popular social network for a spot of cross-promotional magic.

Zazzle’s providing a “Zazzle Merch Booth” widget to the six million registered musicians on the portal, which will let users create custom clothing by uploading their own designs. They’ll then be able to flog them to the fans directly on their MySpace pages.

MySpace sellers can also set their own royalty rate on their creations, taking anything from 10 to 99 percent of the revenue from sales of their definitely-going-to-be-black t-shirts.

How many of you can still remember your MySpace login details?

(Via Digital Media Wire)

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