Get P Diddy, 50 Cent and Kanye West on the next plane to Taiwan, LG has made a fridge out of diamonds!

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LG-diamond-studded-fridge.jpgHas anyone else noticed just how blingtastic LG is becoming these days? Between their gold Shine mobile, Swarvoski-encrusted fridge, wooden LCD TV (and then that gold LCD TV), they’ve got enough shine and sparkle to resurrect Liberace from his grave.

The latest eye-catcher comes in the form of a fridge, and unlike the Swarvoski model we saw a few months back, this one is studded with gen-yoo-whine diamonds. Available in Taiwan only, the R-U719GWN has three doors, ice-maker, LCD TV panel, and the aforementioned diamonds. It does contain some of those ubiquitous Swarvoski crystals – 4,900 to be exact – and is just begging for chauvinistic male readers to comment about how this fridge is further proof a woman’s place is in the kitchen.

(via Born Rich)

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