FAO Steve Jobs: the Sorapot teapot could be the iPot, non?

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sorapot-teapot.jpgQuite rightly, you’re asking why this teapot is being featured on Tech Digest. Does it use batteries? Electricity? Can I use it to access my emails?

Well, I’m sure some wacky shaman in this world could use the tea sediments left in this teapot to read his emails from lost souls, but unfortunately for you and I, we’ll have to make do with the good ol’ tinternet.

The Sorapot, as designer Joey Roth has christened it, has been described by Snarfd as the ‘iPot’, if Apple ever ventured into housewares. Located within the metal handle is a heat sink, intended to prevent over-steeping of fine teas, and all materials used, including the glass and metal components, are fully recyclable.

How ’bout it, Jobs? Ready to pinch the blueprints off Roth and make a new name for yourself, pleasing sloaney English housewives?

(via Snarfd)

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Katherine Hannaford
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