iPhone coffee table, complete with app coasters


This is the rather beautiful iPhone coffee table. Three facts that might surprise you – firstly, it’s made entirely out of cardboard. No poncy wood here. Secondly, you can swap the Apps around, and when you pull one out of its space, it acts nicely as a coaster. Last of all, there’s unfortunately no tutorial to build your own. That’s a shame. It’d fit in brilliantly on Thingiverse.

iLounge (via Bornrich)

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Coffee shop calls you a cheapskate over the electromagnetic spectrum


A Dutch coffee shop has come up with a clever ruse to try and drum up business from the freeloaders who nurse one drink all day in order to leach off of the free internet: they’ve started slagging off customers by using their WiFi network names as a passive aggressive outlet.

Drink Starbucks at home with Bosch's Tassimo coffee machine and 'bucks flavoured pods


Is it wrong of me to admit to loving Starbucks? I’ve noticed many of my friends on Facebook have joined various anti-Starbucks groups, so I’m guessing I should probably keep my adoration down to a minimum.

I can’t help but get all hot under the collar though, when reading that Bosch has collaborated with the coffee chain for pods for their Tassimo machine – what a wonderful idea! Just in time for Christmas apparently, they’ll offer Starbucks-flavoured Kenco T capsules, plus the Tassimo…

Coffee Republic offers "free" Wi-Fi, so long as you remain caffeinated


Coffee Republic claims that it’s the UK’s first coffee chain to offer free Wi-Fi Internet access to its customers — the emphasis being on customers.

Forget about squatting outside one of their outlets and sneaking free Net time, because you have to buy something from them first…

FAO Steve Jobs: the Sorapot teapot could be the iPot, non?

sorapot-teapot.jpgQuite rightly, you’re asking why this teapot is being featured on Tech Digest. Does it use batteries? Electricity? Can I use it to access my emails?

Well, I’m sure some wacky shaman in this world could use the tea sediments left in this teapot to read his…

Microsoft's Surface: what it does, who it's for, and why we should lust after one

When several of us Tech Digest writers were present at Bill Gates’s keynotes speech at CES in Las Vegas and saw a brief display of what we now know is Surface, which Dave announced earlier this morning, none of us realised it would be released this year. Heck, we thought we were looking at the sort of space-age technology that comes hand-in-hand with flying cars and bite-sized pills for every meal.

Instead, Surface will be released into the wild (well, commercial wild, anyway) this Winter, where T-Mobile, Starwood Hotels, Harrah’s casinos and gambling-company IGN will have first access to this exciting new way of computing…