Drink Starbucks at home with Bosch's Tassimo coffee machine and 'bucks flavoured pods

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starbucks-tassimo.jpgIs it wrong of me to admit to loving Starbucks? I’ve noticed many of my friends on Facebook have joined various anti-Starbucks groups, so I’m guessing I should probably keep my adoration down to a minimum.

I can’t help but get all hot under the collar though, when reading that Bosch has collaborated with the coffee chain for pods for their Tassimo machine – what a wonderful idea! Just in time for Christmas apparently, they’ll offer Starbucks-flavoured Kenco T capsules, plus the Tassimo will be decorated in suitable ‘Bucks colours, like the red pictured here.

Launching in November, we sadly don’t have any details on the pricing, or the actual flavours that Starbucks will approve, however I’m holding out for a chai tea latté pod. Yup, Tassimo also offers tea capsules as well, so there’s no excuse not to get one for your house. Except, of course, if you have joined one of those Facebook groups…

Bosch Tassimo (via Electricpig)

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Katherine Hannaford
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  • ~is there anywhere else you can buy starbucks pods? I’m having problems ordering of the tassimo website?!

  • I just got my first 8 pod pack of Starbucks, which doesn’t make it the cheapest Tassimo in the world, BUT, out of the “just coffees”, not intense cremas or espressos, it’s the best I’ve tried.

    I will be getting lots more of this, just wish I could get it locally rather than just in the tassimo web shop.

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