LG has gone mental and made a TV out of gold


lg-pdp-luxury%20gold.jpgAs if TVs weren’t expensive enough already. The new LG Luxury Gold home theatre system is plastered with 24 carat gold, and is the most needless, pointless and overpriced innovation in home cinema since Blu-ray and HD-DVD came along.

The ludicrously OTT 71″ set, which uses PDP technology to display its HD pictures, is capable of the full 1080p HD experience, so you know you’re getting your money’s worth. Sort of.

If you’re literally insane or a Russian oil billionaire looking for a complete cinema system to match the downstairs loo or spare yacht, the LG Luxury Gold PDP telly is also available with a matching DVD player and audio system, capable of chucking out 500 watts of sound.

Which is about the same volume as the wife’s horrified scream when she sees the credit card bill for buying this ridiculous gold elephant.


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Gary Cutlack
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