SEE toys: A range of eco-friendly toys charged by kid-power



The Zen Design Group is to launch a range of children’s toys which feature LEDs powered by a hand crank that the child operates to provide power to the rechargeable batteries.

SEE Toys (Safety, Ecology, and Economy) include Dynafly, a laughing bug which moves its arms and head and whose eyes and tail light up with LEDs when the crank is turned.

“I wasn’t trying to be trendy,” said company president, Sun Yu. “I looked at my product line one day and thought about how nice it would be to not have to replace and purchase batteries. The product I wanted to make just fit into the times.”

Yu chose LEDs because of their durability and adaptability. They also consume a comparatively small amount of power.

The company hopes to break into the US market first, and if successful, expand into Europe and beyond. Though it can be hard to break into a market dominated by large manufacturers, if consumers want more environmentally-friendly toys, toy shops will begin to stock them.

Zen Design Group (Via Core77 Design Blog)

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