Top 10 essential dorm-room gadgets

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ipoddock-switched.jpgI know what dorm rooms are, I’ve seen the college episodes of Dawson’s Creek. They’re like British university hall of residence rooms, except cleaner and with more Gap sweatshirts in.

Anyway, US blog Switched has a handy roundup of ten must-have dorm room gadgets, from laptops and printers through to games consoles and an iPod dock / alarm clock. It’s a good collection of useful stuff too.

But hang on a minute. No home-made bong? No intricate paper cathedral painstakingly made from last term’s coursebooks? No alien lifeform that started life as a discarded half-can of mouldy baked beans? Clearly US student life is even more different from the UK than I thought…

Switched Top 10 dorm room gadgets

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