UPDATE: New Windows Vista hardware requirements – one Super Nintendo from 1992

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SNES-vista.jpgWe have no idea of the factual correctness of this claim, but it would appear a Tokyo game shop is currently featuring a SNES running a version of Windows Vista.

Judging by the Toshiba-branded cart the console’s packing, and the fact that the SNES is, by today’s standards, about as powerful as a TV remote control, it looks like some clever boffin has whacked the contents of a Shuttle PC or some other super-mini media PC into the humble SNES case.

This is quite a big waste of time. Sorry to be harsh, but a man needs at least six easily accessible USB sockets on his PC these days, not to mention a really loud fan so casual observers know there’s a seriously huge and expensive graphics card in there.

Via (Akihabara News)

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