Hack allows Nintendo DS games to be played on the Sony PSP


dspsp.jpg Modders have been lifting their game recently – the past week has shown a NES emulator on the iPhone, a 360 mod which allowed the Wiimote to be used when playing Halo 2, and of course the Optimus Prime Transformers PC case mod which pleased me to the point of almost commissioning someone to create one for me. Oh, ok, a Megatron PC case mod, but still.

The latest hack, which comes to us today from WiiWii, shows how to modify your PSP to play Nintendo DS games. You might be wondering how that’d work, with the PSP lacking in the touch, dual screens, but apparently the emulator taps into the PSP’s Binary Input/Output System (BIOS). Details are scarce due to the uber-illegal nature of this hack, but I’m sure if you drive along the information superhighway for long enough, you’ll find the truckstop supplying the goods. And Big Gulps…mmm…and Big Bite hotdogs…and the inevitable diarrhoea…

(via WiiWii)

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Katherine Hannaford
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