iPhone hack gives NES Emulator: Super Mario Bros here we come!

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The latest in an increasing number of iPhone hacks is a pretty cool one: an NES Emulator.

Forget proof of concept “Hello World” applications – they’re useful but boring. This application, which works on any “Jailbreak” (hacked) iPhone, allows you to play complete NES games, including Super Mario Bros and The Legend of Zelda, just a little slower than an actual NES console or a standard emulator.

The software is a variant of the InfoNES open-source portable NES emulator. The current version has no sound output, but the video (see below) looks quite cool even so.

If you’re squeamish about fiddly controls, or — perhaps more importantly — destroying your iPhone screen by tapping furiously on it over and over again, then this emulator may not be for you. Mind you, if you’re concerned about that, then you’re unlikely to have hacked your iPhone either. Perhaps you should pick up an old NES on eBay instead.

For those happy to wantonly void their iPhone warranty in pursuit of gaming nostalgia, this is the hack for you.

(Via iPhonic)

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