Gionee S20 – slider handset with Nintendo NES emulator

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I would be more than surprised if the Gionee S20 made it to Europe – because Gionee would probably have to fight a legal battle or two first.

Primarily, that would be with Nintendo – the Chinese manufacturer isn’t likely to have asked permission from the Japanese gaming giant to fit an NES emulator into their latest mobile handset, especially as it picks up the games from illegal ROMs and has an adaptor so you can play on your TV. But if you can pick one up (maybe on a holiday or business venture), this slider handset also packs a two megapixel camera and a media player, so it’s probably worth considering – if only for novelty value.

No news on price – but I’m guessing it’s probably a cheapie in its native territory.

Gionee website

Via Akihabara News

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