SEGA launches marginally disappointing online "casual" gaming portal PlaySEGA


The once-mighty SEGA has nailed its colours to the “Casual, internet” gaming mast, with the launch of PlaySEGA – a little portal rammed with simple games and colourful logos that might just hold the average teenager’s attention long enough for a game to finish downloading.

It’s not just about trading on former glories, PlaySEGA’s got actually NEW stuff on there to play that’s been made specifically for the service, should you, for some odd reason, be tired of slogging through Sonic 2 or Golden Axe on your emulator of choice.

As is fashionable these days, users are encouraged to sign in and create a wacky and possibly zany avatar symbolising their unique personalities, with “Escape Areas” – personal profile pages based around visual…

Something to do with a PlayStation3 – spend 25 minutes waiting for Windows Vista to load

You have to love hackers. OK, so they occasionally hack into your email account and upload your cybersex email history to the internet for everyone to laugh at, print out and stick on the office noticeboard, but, once in a while, they pull off something truly magnificent.

Like this – getting Windows Vista running on a PlayStation3. It’s actually running under emulation, with Qemu 0.9.1 doing most of the work. Which is why it takes 25 minutes to boot up.

There’s quite a bit more to it than that, but it’s frankly way above my head and if I tried to explain how it’s been done I’d only get something wrong…

iPhone hack gives NES Emulator: Super Mario Bros here we come!

The latest in an increasing number of iPhone hacks is a pretty cool one: an NES Emulator.

Forget proof of concept “Hello World” applications – they’re useful but boring. This application, which works on any “Jailbreak” (hacked) iPhone, allows you to play complete NES games, including Super Mario Bros and The Legend of Zelda, just a little slower than an actual NES console or a standard emulator.